What is the data and how many types are there? What is Data in hindi

Friends today’s article “Data kya hai” I will give you complete information about data in easy language, in which you will know what is data (What is Data in hindi), how many types of data are there (Types of Data in hindi), what is the definition of data, complete of data. What is the name (Full Form of Data in Hindi), what is the importance of data?

If you are a student of computer science or you want to get information about computer and technology then this article is for you. “Data kya hai” will be very important. Because I have explained the complete information about the data in Hindi, so after reading this you will get all the information about the data.

What is Database? What is Database in hindi

What is DBMS? What is DBMS (Database Management System) in hindi

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What is Data? (Data kya hai – What is Data in hindi)

Data is a set of characters that are collected for some purpose. The main reason for collecting data is to analyze the data. Data is a computer language and any type of information in computer language is called data.

What is the data

Data can contain any Character, Number, Text, Picture, Sound, Video. Computer data is the information that is processed and stored by the computer. Computer data is processed by the CPU and stored as a file or folder in the hard-disk of the computer system.

How many types of data are there? (Types of Data in hindi)

Many types of data are stored in computer systems such as Text, Number, Alphanumeric, Image, Audio, Video and Graphic data etc. So let us now know in detail about all types of data.

Text Data Text data is called that data which is made up of alphabets from A to Z of the English alphabet and that is why text data is also called alphabates data.

Numerical Data Numerical data is called data made up of numbers from 0 to 9. Number data is mostly used to create graphics on any type of chart.

Alphanumeric Data – Alphanumeric is also called Symbols inside which @, #,$,%,&,*,%,? The data made from etc. is called alphanumeric data.

Image Data – In the computer system, the image is stored in Jpg, jpeg and png format which is called image data.

Audio Data – The sound data stored in the computer system is called audio data and this data is in the format of MP3.

Video Data – All the video stored in the computer is called video data and this data is in the format of MP4.

Graphic Data – In computer systems, data is stored by storing many types of graphics and pivot charts as data.

What is the full name of Data? (Full Form of Data in hindi)

Full Form of Data Digital Account of Technology Advancement which means in hindi digital ledger of technology advancement Is.

What is data processing?

Data processing means re-preparing or storing data in a systemic order by humans or machines to make data more useful or to make data useful for a particular purpose.

If understood in easy language, the process of converting row data into information by processing it by computer is called Data Processing. That is, whatever data we input into the computer, the computer processes that data and converts it into information and displays it as output.

The main four phases of data processing in a computer are completed which are known as Input, Process, Output and Storage. So let us know in detail about the four steps of Data Processing.

Input Data ,

Whatever data we input into the computer through input devices like keyboard and mouse is called Input Data.

Processing Data ,

The CPU in a computer system is a processing device that processes the input data through the input device and converts it into information.

Output Data ,

After processing the input data into the computer system and converting it into information, that information is displayed in the output device.

Storage Data ,

The processed data in a computer system is stored in a storage device such as a hard-disk. At a later time, the stored data is accessed or used when needed, or that data is also updated.

How is the data stored?

An internal storage device is installed in the computer which is called hard-disk. Any type of data can be stored in this storage device and later the data can be used by accessing that data file if needed.

What can be edited by accessing the data stored in the computer system and the data which is not needed can also be deleted. But once the data is deleted from the computer system, it cannot be recovered.

Apart from the internal storage device in the computer system, you can store data by connecting external storage device such as Pendrive, Hard-disk, DVD, CD etc.

Two types of memory are used to store data in computer systems, which are called primary memory and secondary memory.

Primary Memory – Primary Memory We store data in the computer and even if the power of the computer goes out, then the data remains stored in it which you can access and use anytime. Hard-disk is a primary memory in which the stored data has no effect when the computer’s power is disconnected.

Secondary Memory – Secondary memory The data stored in the computer gets deleted when the power of the system is disconnected. An example of secondary memory is RAM, whose full name is Random Access Memory. RAM is managed by the CPU installed in the computer system, so that the data stored in it is automatically deleted.

What is the importance of data?

In today’s digital era, data is of great importance because in today’s time almost all business is being done digitally. In today’s time, all types of business are being done online and marketing of business is also being done online.

It is to be understood here that when the business is being marketed online, then in order to do online marketing, the company would have also wanted the audience, which the company would have told about its product.

In this way, the company collects the customer’s data for marketing and uses that data properly for its business.

If you have ever done some online shopping from Amazon, Flipkart or any other eCommerce site, then even after that again and again, there will be a message of any offer or new product on your mobile number or mail on your email. You get massage or mail again and again because whatever you have given the details of your name, number, email id and address while shopping, the company has stored that detail as data and use that data for your business. does in marketing.

What is the use of data?

In today’s digital time, everything is happening online, so in today’s time data is used to do many things. So let us know about the use of data in points-

  • In any school, college and university, the details of students are kept in the form of data on the basis of records.
  • The company of the eCommerce site stores the customer’s data so that it can reach the customer about any of its products or offers.
  • In a hospital, data is used to keep records of medicines, patients and hospital staff.
  • In a company, the employee’s data and work data are also kept in the form of records.

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