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What is IP Address?

Just as our home has an address through which people can reach us, in the same way, a device connected to the Internet or any network has an address through which other devices on that network can locate it and from it. able to communicate. We call this address as IP Address.

In today’s time, to connect to any network, our computer or other devices like mobile, tablet, etc. require an IP address. Without an IP address, our computer cannot connect to any network.

To put it in better words, even without an IP address, the Internet will not exist because the Internet is a network of networks that uses IP Addresses to communicate with Networks and Devices.

Let us know so far that what is an IP address? So let us now know its full form as well.

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What is the Full Form of IP Address?

The full form of IP address is “Internet Protocol Address”.

Whenever we use the word Protocol, it means that there is an already made Guidelines or Set of rules which we have to follow.

In today’s time, most networks and all the computers connected to the Internet follow the TCP / IP protocol as a standard to communicate with each other.

IP Address is also known by some other names like Internet Number, Internet Address etc. But the most popular name is IP Address.

Versions of IP Address:

There are two versions of Internet Protocol Address:

  1. Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)
  2. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

IPv4 Address:

IPv4 is a 32-bit binary number. In other words, IPv4 uses 32 binary bits to create an IP address. Out of these 32 bits, 24 bits are reserved for network identity. Whereas 8 Bits are reserved for Nodes.

An IPv4 address consists of 4 numbers, which are numbers between 0 and 255, including 0 and 255. These four numbers are separated by a dot. You can look at an example of an IPv4 address below to understand what an IP address looks like.

An Example of IPv4 Address:

Because only numbers are used in IPv4 address, it is possible that one IP address can conflict with another. In view of this problem, hexadecimal number was adopted in IPv6 address so that unique IP address can be provided to trillions of users.

When the IPv4 address was created, the Internet was not that big at that time. At that time most networks were either private or not open to connect with other networks. According to that time, IPv4 address was a very good address to connect to other devices.

However, with the advent of the Internet and the advent of different types of devices, it became difficult to assign a unique IPv4 address to each device.

This happened because only 32 bits and numbers are used in IPv4 address. Because of this IPv4 address can make only 232 possible combinations so that only about 4.3 billion IP addresses can be created.

To solve this problem, IPv6 address was invented.

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IPv6 Address:

IPv6 Address A Unique IP Address is created using 128 Binary Bits. Hexadecimal numbers are used in this, in which both numbers and characters are used.

There are 8 groups of numbers in this address, which are separated using colons. This Address can make 2128 Possible Combinations so that approx 3.4×1038 Or the exact 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 Unique IP Addresses can be created which do not appear to expire at the moment.

An IPv6 address looks something like this:

fe80:cdba:85b3:4321:2db6:0000:1258 :2568

In IPv6 address, if all the numbers in a group of numbers are zero, then only colon is used in place of that number to save space. After removing the group with zero, the above IPv6 address will look something like this.

fe80:cdba:85b3:4321:2db6::1258 :2568

The use of IPv6 addresses is increasing over time.

Types of IP Addresses. Types of IP Addresses:

There are four types of IP addresses:

Private IP Address:

Private IP Address is the IP address that your device uses on a home or business network. If you have multiple devices in your home that are connected to your home network, then all of them will have a unique IP address so that they will be able to communicate with each other.

However, all these devices will not be able to communicate with any outside network such as the Internet. To communicate with the Internet, your home network will have a public IP address through which it will be able to communicate with other networks or devices available on the Internet.

If you want to check the private IP address of your computer, then you can easily check it. If you have a computer with Windows Operating System, then you have to open Command Prompt in your computer and you will have to give a command in it. this command is ipconfig

After entering this command, all you have to do is press the enter button and you will see the IP address of your computer.

If you have a computer with Mac OS, then you have to run the command named ifconfig in your Terminal App and you will see the IP address of your computer.

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Public IP Address:

Public IP Address is your main IP address to which your home or business network is connected. This IP address connects you to external networks and devices. If you want to connect your computer or local network to the Internet, you will need a public IP address.

To put it in more simple words, all the devices present in your house will have different IP addresses, but all these IP addresses will be under one main IP address to which your home network will be connected.

To see the public IP address of your device WhatIsMyIPAddress You can visit the website named. On visiting this website, you will see the public IP address of your device.

Static IP Address:

If you configure your IP address by yourself by going to the Network Settings of your computer, then it is called Static IP Address. This IP address does not change on its own. You have to change it yourself.

This IP address is used very rarely. If you configure Static IP Address without good knowledge of TCP/IP Protocols then it can create Network Issues.

Dynamic IP Address:

Dynamic IP addresses are generally the most commonly used addresses. A service named Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) assigns these types of addresses to your computer, home or business networks.

This service usually runs on your network hardware like Routers, Dedicated DHCP Servers etc. This service works to assign and manage Dynamic Addresses.

Dynamic IP Addresses are named Dynamic because these IP Addresses are constantly changing automatically.

Dynamic IP Addresses are assigned to a network using Leasing System (rent). This means that this IP address is given for a limited time. When this time is over, your computer automatically requests for a new lease.

All public and private IP addresses are either static or they are dynamic.

How DHCP Assigns Addresses?

Assigning an IP address to a computer by DHCP is a 4 step process:

  1. First of all, your computer broadcasts a message on the network that it needs a dynamic IP address.
  2. This message is read by all DHCP providers on that network. Find out the Unique Hardware Address of that computer and then offer your service to that computer by sending a message.
  3. Now your computer chooses one of those DHCP providers and asks it to assign itself an IP address.
  4. Now the selected DHCP provider listens to the request of the computer and assigns it a unique IP address which is not assigned to any other computer on that network.

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Do you know that websites also use IP Addresses?

All the websites on the Internet have a unique IP address but we do not see it. Usually we use any website for its Domain Name Know from like www.facebook.com, www.hostinghindi.in etc.

But do you know that Domain Names Are used to hide the IP Addresses of these websites?

The word hide will not be right but that’s what we do. Actually it is very difficult for humans to remember IP Addresses, due to which we convert IP Addresses into Domain Names so that we can remember them easily and can easily access any website.

Without an IP address, we will not be able to communicate with any website. Every website is hosted from a computer that we web server it is said.

To communicate with any other computer on the Internet, we need its IP address.

Now that I have already talked about websites and also my website web hosting It’s about the same. So often you must have heard me using the words Dedicated IP Address or Shared IP Address.

So let’s know what are Shared IP Address and Dedicated IP Address?

Shared IP Address:

Usually whenever we make a website Shared Hosting Which is good for a new and small website and also cheap.

In this type of web hosting, we get a shared IP address for our website. Many websites are using this Shared IP Address, due to which we call it Shared IP Address.

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Dedicated IP Address:

As you must be aware from the name itself that this is such an IP address that is assigned only and only to your website. You are the only one using this IP address.

Even if you put your Dedicated IP Address in your web browser instead of your domain name, you will still reach your website. You can use the Dedicated IP Address without buy domain You can also do it to test by making your website.

There is no special benefit of Dedicated IP Address. However, it makes it a little easier to install an SSL certificate and also allows you to run your own FTP server.

In general Cloud, VPS And Dedicated Hosting With Plans you get Dedicated IP Address. If it is not available, then you can buy it from many web hosting companies even by paying a little extra money.

Many companies even with their Shared Hosting plan provide you Dedicated IP Address as an add-on service.

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