What is GB Instagram and how to download GB Instagram?

GB Instagram Download Kaise Kare – Friends, as we all know that Instagram is one of the most trending social media platform for the users who are fond of photos. The Instagram application is used to share photos and videos, either as posts or as status updates with your followers.

There is no doubt that you have come across the annoying problem on Instagram application like you cannot download any picture or video of anyone on Instagram. This is really annoying because sometimes you want to save some photos or videos of your favorite stars or our friends to our gallery.

But don’t worry guys, in today’s article I am going to share an amazing app that you can use to do the opposite of Instagram application for example (downloading photos or videos of friends). this app GB Instagram is called. Haven’t you heard of this name before? Surely you must have heard the ‘GB’ bit which is usually associated with GB WhatsApp.

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What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is the unofficial version of Instagram; It has many new features. GB Instagram allows you to upload Instagram photos, videos and stories. It also allows you to use two Instagram accounts on the same device.

GB Instagram Download

GB Instagram has great features including a follow indicator that shows who is following you, who opens profile, ability to see full-size photos of people, even profile photo by one-long click on profile photo can see.

It also has an auto-launch video; You don’t need to click on the video before playing it. If you have seen in the official app, other social media apps don’t have URL sharing feature, but with GB Instagram, it’s easy.

It allows you to copy as many URLs as you want. Instagram Plus APK uses several new languages ​​to facilitate communication between users; This feature is not available on the official Instagram. You can also download photos and image stories natively.

GB Instagram has the ability to use two Instagram accounts, upload photos, upload stories, upload videos, connect to Facebook, track requests, share URLs, view full profile picture, copy language, video device and bio. There are many different features, including capacity.

GB Instagram Download Kaise Kare?

The process of installing GB Instagram is straightforward; This is primary. However, it is important to note that in order to have GB Instagram installed on your device, you will need to exit the official Instagram.

After uninstalling genuine Instagram, you can now install GB Instagram; Installation is as easy as installing any app on your device. Here is a comprehensive lead on how to install GB Instagram on your device.

First, uninstall the official Instagram from your device, go to Settings, click Apps, find Instagram, and then click Uninstall. After doing that, download the GB Instagram APK file to your device, install the GB Instagram app, after the operation is finished, it only takes a few minutes, and then open the app.

For the app to work properly, you’ll need to log in with your data, log into your Instagram account, or open a new one if you don’t have one. You will see a Login or Registration column, click on it.

So you have successfully installed and downloaded GB Instagram on your device. GB Instagram is easy to use because it’s not difficult to manage, and the features are great.

You no longer need to go through multiple apps to save or upload photos or videos to Instagram, with GB Instagram everything you need is right in front of you.

You can easily download GB Instagram from any browser. After downloading and installing you can login with your account. After login you can download GB Instagram.

GB Instagram Features in Hindi

GB Instagram has many unique features, while you still use official Instagram, on GB Instagram, you can control everything you want.

  • two instagram appsGB Instagram allows you to launch an Instagram account on the same device. This feature is invaluable for those who have both business and personal Instagram accounts.
  • log in facebook: You shouldn’t be afraid of losing access to Facebook, GB Instagram lets you log into your account through Facebook.
  • Download Photos and Videos: Do you want to keep those memories forever? GB Instagram is for you, and with just one click, you can download any photos and videos to your device.
  • Download Story: If there’s a follower whose story you’re still interested in, with GB Instagram you can download that story to your device, click on the story bar in your profile, and you’ll download it.
  • Next indicator: You followed someone thinking you have spiritual followers, and you’re not sure if they followed you, download GB Instagram to your device, click on that person’s profile to show that person is yours following or not.
  • Profile Pictures: This feature is great because sometimes you want to see full-size profile picture, you can zoom the image. You don’t need such stress with GB Instagram, by long clicking on profile photo you can see full length of picture.
  • video player: GB Instagram comes with auto-launch video with proper function, which means video can be played automatically without pressing any button.
  • Share URL and Bio: You can share the URL of a comment, story, photo or video in any app with GB Instagram. And also copy any Instagram users you find interesting.
  • Languages: GB Instagram Plus supports many new languages ​​which the official Instagram does not. This feature is basically to facilitate communication between users.

After telling us what GBInstagram is, meaning, installation process, functions, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and answers on GB Instagram. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the latest version of GBInstagram, below is a compilation of some of the questions and answers that we provide to secure the proper functioning of the app on your device.


Can I access the app through Facebook?

Yes, like the official Instagram, you can also log in with your Facebook account, although this is only on the latest version of GBInstagram.

Is GBInstagram app available on iOS devices?

No, the app is not yet ready for iOS devices.

Can a 2 GB Instagram account be used on one mobile phone?

Yes, with GB Instagram, you can use multiple accounts on the same device.

Can I use the official Instagram and GB Instagram on my device?

Yes, you can use official Instagram and GB Instagram on your device.

Does GB Instagram provide the facility to upload photos and videos?

Yes, this is one of its main features.

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