What is fantasy cricket and how to make money from it

For example, here you are reading this article, if you find the information useful, then the information given in this post Link But if you go and play by creating an account on any fantasy platform, then the company will give referral bonus, calculate how much they can earn, who will have millions of followers in this kind of work.

Ex – (Even if there is 2% “call to action” on 1 lakh visitors, 2 thousand people will join, out of which 500 also activated the account, then 100 bonus * 500 users = 50 thousand INR bonus). The whole game in referral work belongs to the loyal audience base.

Apart from this, nowadays people also charge money by sharing teams on paid Telegram groups or even the suave clothes associated with the competition can become a good option for business.

Tax on Fantasy Cricket Prize Money – Tax on Winning Amount

In Fantasy Cricket League 10 thousand by the government on winning an amount of more than 30% tax is taken. The prize money is provided to the winning user only after deducting this tax.

Fantasy sports app in which states in India BAN are ?

The ban is imposed in Assam, Sikkim, Telangana, Nagaland, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

How to make the best fantasy cricket team (Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips,

Keep track of player performance Which player comes from which background, what is his weakness and what is his strength, all this data is easily available on sports web sites on the internet, which player has played well on which field, where he is weak It has been proved, it is very important to study all this. This kind of valuable information increases your chances of winning.

select the best players – Where the match is being played, who will bat first, who will bowl, in which order, who will bowl, where and who will bat, all this is useful information, which has to be processed very quickly, since the announcement of confirmed players 30 minutes before the start of the match it occurs. For example, if there is moisture in the wicket and a medium pace bowler is in front, along with the pitch is turn, then it would be more beneficial to choose a technical player like Ken Williamson as the captain instead of making a hard-hitter player like Rohit Sharma.

Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely – According to which league you are playing, it will be decided whether your team is risky or safe, for example if you are playing a league where, there are 5 to 10 or 100 participants, then players with good records can win the league. But when it comes to a league with 5 to 50 lakh contestants, then an information player and a X Factor player The choice of selection will be useful, since “out-of-the-box” thinking can work since the general type of team is already formed by millions of people.

don’t play every time We can’t drink as much as we have in the river, it is not necessary to show might on every match, the ground which has the understanding, the team whose player is tested, it can be beneficial to play as a team in the same match, because your opponent is the player of the game. may be familiar with all these aspects, so it would be advisable to stay away from boxing, test tests and hammer fantasy cricket Get into the field virtually, so you’re less likely to regret losing.

Select top order batsmen – The pace of the game is fast in any short format cricket, in such a situation, if the wicket is good, then the middle order batsman does not even get the opportunity to bat, except the opener and the next order batsman performs the fast irresponsible game, Therefore, it can always be beneficial to give priority to the first, second and third order batsmen.

Importance of weak link in fantasy cricket team

Usually users like to bet on good performing players but, an ordinary player also has its own importance, for example if there is a light batsman, then the bowler will try to get him out with more emphasis, in this round I can take a lot of beating, just like a normal bowler will be hit by the batsmen, in the process that normal bowler will uproot many wickets. For this one such team surprise The factor must be given space.

Why Fantasy Sports is Popular,

There will be hardly any person in life who would grow up to be a clerk, hamal, handcart or tea seller, everyone has to become an artist, officer, industrialist, film star or sportsperson etc… in life, but success Doesn’t kiss everyone’s feet.

A popular cricketer has everything, name, fame and money… A common man may not go to the field and play for the country or the franchise, but by forming his own team, he can live that fantasy and win and lose. The same thrill is felt that a real professional player experiences. Apart from this, the joy of winning money and the feeling of going through heart-pounding thrills also makes fantasy cricket popular.

Fantasy cricket gambling addiction or earning opportunity?

Creating a fantasy cricket team requires intelligence, skill and knowledge, so it would be wrong to call it gambling, but still winning and losing is part of the game, it costs money to get tickets and there is a reward for winning. , if the government also collects tax on it, then if you play with Saiyam, then there is a golden opportunity to win and bet without hesitation So gambling is like addiction.

fantasy cricket question and answer , Fantasy Cricket Q&A

Q Can I earn money by playing fantasy cricket for free?

A money has to be invested to win, but big fantasy sports companies offer “free entry” opportunities before big tournaments to attract new users, such opportunities are limited.

Q How to choose the best fantasy application?

A Before the start of any big tournament, any fantasy application that has a lot of advertisements about it and the fantasy cricket company with which a big celebrity is associated, should be played in it, so that user interface, payment gateway and communication related problems can be avoided . (eg Dream11)

Q Are there dummy IDs in fantasy cricket tournaments?

A This thing cannot be denied, there are many such articles and forums available on the Internet where such discussions take place and many people also share proofs.

Q Is there a chance to earn without playing bets in fantasy cricket?

A If users do not want to take risk by investing their money, then good earning can be done by doing affiliate marketing, content writing or pad ads campaign.

Am I Fit or Unfit to Play Fantasy Cricket?

To do any work properly and to get success, certain skills and qualifications are required. To play fantasy cricket also some qualities are necessary in a user. It would be foolish to continue betting after losing money, it is natural to have ego hurt, tension, anger after a bet is reversed, but what action you take in these situations is important.

It is said that, “The losing gambler gets twice as much”Some people become so desperate or angry that they even give their lives by getting out of control. In such a situation, introspection is very important before becoming a part of fantasy sports with financial risk. Be it fantasy cricket or any other game, in which money will be spent, other people also come to win by investing money. The nature of this game is risky, understanding this and going ahead would be right. Play the game like a game, when your heart hurts when you win, then make a distance from it.

fantasy cricket Pros & Cons


  • Get to learn in depth about the game.
  • Studying every aspect gives a useful workout to the brain for team building.
  • Victory in sports increases enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Failure and defeat create passion to work harder.
  • The thrill of defeat and victory takes some time away from everyday troubles.
  • With the help of intelligence, there is a unique opportunity to win a large amount of money in a short time.


  • Financial risk can give big losses.
  • Unwanted results can lead to stress and anger.
  • It is not an easy task as much as it appears, small information studies have to be done.
  • The urge to win and the strong desire to make money easily can lead to gambling addiction.
  • You can become a victim of online fraud by big players and operators.
  • The ups and downs of sports can have a bad effect on health, such as increased heart rate, depression, irritability, etc.


Paid gambling or gaming of any kind is not encouraged through this article, playing or not playing should be any person’s own decision, Fantasy Cricket is a tempting recreational product, it should be used sparingly to an extent.

If you do business and do not take care of profit and loss then it is also fatal like gambling, if you roam gambling or bet on any sport and your “money management” is correct then that gambling or bet Can also give you success like a good business. Meaning, a fantasy cricket user should know where to proceed and when to stop.

There is a risk of getting up in the morning and going from home to office, eating food and going for a walk, there is an accident, food poisoning, some infection, just like there is a “financial risk”, that’s why A fantasy player should bet as much money that, even after losing, he can get a restful night’s sleep.


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