What is Digital Marketing? And why do we need it? ,

As you know that today’s world has become digital, and through this digital our work has become very easy. Digital marketing is such a source through which we do all our work using devices like our smart phone, laptop, we are able to do our shopping through digital, which saves us time. You can buy and batch your product online through digital. Through digital marketing, you can make your business online, so that you can batch your product. Digital marketing does not mean only selling or buying things online, in this you can earn a good amount of income through our social media using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, twitter, email, etc. If you know well about digital marketing, then you can also work in freelancing.

Why is digital marketing necessary, and what are its benefits?

Through digital marketing, we can save our time, and we can use it anywhere and anytime. If we want to bring our business online, then we have to do digital marketing so that our business can grow. You must have seen that the things which are promoted in the newspaper, or any shopping mall or other shop get their things printed in the newspaper for promotion, then we cannot buy it by clicking because it is not digital.

That is, if you promote your product in apps like Facebook, YouTube Yadi on your phone, then the person who is watching can buy or book the product by clicking on that link. Digital marketing is also very cheap, if you promote your product through a slip or newspaper, then you have to pay a lot and you can not earn much. If you are a teacher or you run an institute, then you can tell about your teaching or institute through online so that you can be promoted all over India. And you can do online teaching through mobile.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:-

1).You can shell or buy your product through facebook page,instagram,email,or whatsapp.

2).If you are a business man then you can do business online by creating a WordPress website.

3).If you are a youtuber, then you can increase the quality of the product by telling about the product in your video, and you can earn a lot of income by applying google AdSense in your video.

4). If you are a housewife or you do not have time, then you can buy things sitting at home or even sell old things.

5). If you are a teacher, then you can teach by creating a channel in YouTube or creating any apps and you can also earn money through google AdSense.

6). You can earn money by freelancing sitting at home.

Types of Digital Marketing :-

  • social media marketing :- Social media marketing is such a source from which you can bring your business online, and you can buy and batch things online. These come in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google.
  • Email Marketing :- You can do marketing by sending about your product through email, if you are an institute or if you are a teacher, you can register by telling about the institute through ME.
  • YouTube marketing :- If you are a youtuber then you can earn money by putting google AdSense in your videos. Or if you are a teacher, or a business man or you run an institute, then you can tell people through video. YouTube is considered to be the best platform for marketing because its user is the most and it is in everyone’s phone.
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  • Affiliate Marketing :- Many platforms or companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. run an affiliate program, from which you can earn commission by selling the product of that company. Affiliate marketing is a great option for blogger whose blog google AdSense is not able to use it. do it easily
  • Application marketing :- Today people all over the world use its application more than mobile. You can create an app and sell the product through those apps. If you run an institute, then you can make apps and teach through those apps. You can also grow your business by making an application for your business name.