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Friends today’s articleWhat is the database“In this I am going to give you complete information about database in Hindi, in which you will know what is database, types of database, what is the function of database, what is the feature of database, what is the definition of database, how to create database, Advantages and disadvantages of database, what is relational database and what is traditional database?

,What is the database“In today’s time everything is becoming digital and India is also becoming Digiat India, so that in today’s time, whatever work we do every day, we do it in a digital way. That is, whatever work we do in today’s time, we do it through computer, mobile and internet, such as

  • send or receive a massage
  • send or receive email
  • reading news paper
  • reading books
  • reading the Nobel
  • shopping online
  • booking tickets
  • make a reservation
  • take an online class
  • Entertainment etc.

In earlier times, all this work was done in paper work, due to which we used to store countless papers and records in our home and office in cupboards, tables or liquids. All these documents were kept in sequence in such a way that they could be easily searched when needed.

But now the time is gone when we used to use paper for all the work, now computer is used in its place. Now documents are stored on computers and the Internet in lieu of tables and cupboards. All the data in the computer is kept serial wise which is called database.

If you are a computer science student or you want to know information related to internet, then this article “What is the database“It will be very important for you. You are requested to read this article from beginning to end, only then you will understand the complete information about the database.

If you have even a little knowledge of computer, then you must have heard the name of the database at some point or the other, or you may not have even heard it. But this articleWhat is the databaseIn this, you will understand the complete information related to the database and you will also get the answer of all types of questions related to the database.

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Database kya hai what is database in hindi

What is database? ,What is the database” (What is Database in hindi)

A database is a set of data in which a lot of data is stored in an organized manner. In simple language, a database is a repository of many information, where information is organized and kept.

If needed, the data stored in the database can be updated by accessing it and that data can also be used. All the data or information is stored in the database through some software or program.

All the data in the database is stored by the software by organizing it in the form of a table so that the data stored in the database can be easily accessed anytime. The database also controls data sharing and data security.

For example, in Microsoft excel, you enter the data of all the students of a school on a spreadsheet, which includes student’s name, father’s name, gender, age, address and mobile no. it happens. You enter all this data in columns and rows in ms excel in such a way that anytime you can easily find the data of any student.

What is data?

Data is a small piece of information that is associated with a person, architecture or place, such as name, age, height, weight, mobile number, address, occupation, etc. All these are some data related to a person.

Data can be different in the form of many types like Text, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Image, File, Graph etc. When this current data is organized together, it becomes information and a database is formed from the museum of information.

How does database work? (How to work database in hindi)

any task in the database DBMS or simply say that the database is managed by the DBMS. The full form of DBMS is Database Management System. DBMS is a software with the help of which any data is inserted in the database and if needed, the insert data in the database is also edited or deleted.

What are the types of databases? (Types of Database in hindi)

How the data is stored in the database, how it is organized, how it is manipulated and what should be the structure of the database, all these are known from the data model. The data model also shows how is the relationship between all the data organized in the database and how all the data are related to each other in it.

The type of database itself is called data model and there are three types of database or there are three models of database which are known as Hierarchical Database, Network Database and Relational Database. So let us know in detail about these three types of databases.

Hierarchical Database

In hierarchical database, the data is organized in the form of a tree structure with a table. In this type of model, the tree structure is followed to emphasize the records among themselves. In this database the relation is shown as Child and Parent.

For example, there are many students and teachers in a college, where many subjects are taught. Here the college is seen as a parent and Professor, Student, Subject as its child.

Network Database

In the network model, all the data is represented as records and the relationship between all the data is shown in the form of links. Network database is of very high power but is also very complex, because many tables and notes are linked in this database.

Relational Database

Relational Database is a simple database but very powerful. The structure of this database is similar to that of the table. The table is called relation in the language of the database, so this database is called Relational Database.

Because this database is like a table, so it also has rows and columns. In this database, the unique field is called the key and through these keys the tables are emphasized among themselves.

For example, in a student table, the roll number is the primary key, in which it is very easy to find the data.

What are the main components of a database? (Elements of Database in hindi)

There are three elements of any database which are called Field, Records and Table. So let’s get to know a little more about these three elements of the database.

1. Field – A column of a database table is called a field. That is, each column located in the database table has a name and by this name the data arranged in the column is recognized. You can see in the above table that all the columns have been given a name, such as Name, Roll Number, Subject, Marks etc.

2. Records – The rows of a database table are called records. That is, all the rows located in the database are called records and there can be any number of records in a table.

3. Table – A table is formed by combining many fields and rows in the database, in which many different and related data is entered.

Where is the database used? (Use of Database in hindi)

In today’s time, there are many government websites, personal websites, private websites, business websites and social media sites on the Internet that use databases. So let’s know in a little detail where the database is used.


In the banking sector too, a lot of database is used to store the customer’s data, so that you can see the complete details of your bank account from anywhere using online banking in your phone.

Railway and Airlines Reservation System

In railway and flat reservation systems, a database is used to store the customer’s data and booking details.


A database is used to store the student’s data and records in the school.

College and University

Database is used to store data in the official website of college and university. Whenever the result is out in the college and university, the result is published on the official website so that the result is checked by entering the roll code and roll number on the official sites.

Social Media Sites Facebook Twitter

Some social media sites also use databases such as Facebook and Twitter to store their customer’s data.

Facebook , Facebook uses database, in which many data of the user such as user name, mobile number, profile photo, friends, post, message, status etc. All information is stored in the database of facebook’s server.

If you search about a person in Facebook account, then you get all the information of that person from Facebook’s database.

Online Shopping Sites amazon flipkart snapdeal

There are many online shopping sites that use database to store their customer’s data, such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal etc. Along with storing this data, the online shopping site also uses this data in marketing.

Online video streaming

There are many video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix which use database to store and manage videos. In the database of this sites, along with the complete details of the video, the details of the viewer are also stored in the form of database.

Online Gaming

There are many online gaming sites where we play online games and online gaming sites store user’s data, such as Pubg game.

What is the definition of database? (Definition of Database in hindi)

A database is a museum of a lot of information in which the stored data can be accessed and updated at any time. The database is managed through DBMS (Database Management System).

What are the advantages of database? (Benefits of Database in hindi)

There are many benefits of using database, so so many sites use database, so let us know what are the benefits of database?

  1. Through the database, more data can be stored in less space.
  2. Any information stored in the database can be accessed easily.
  3. It is easy to insert new data into the database, edit and delete old data.
  4. The data in the database can be sorted in different ways.
  5. A database can be accessed by many users.
  6. No one can access the database without permission because the database provides more security than the paper file.
  7. Reduces database redundancy i.e. the database does not store duplicate data. Facilities like Backup and Recovery are provided in the database.

What are the disadvantages of database?

You must be aware that all the work done in the world has some disadvantages as well as advantages, similarly using database can also cause some disadvantages. So let us know about the loss from the database in the following.

  1. It is a bit difficult to design a database system which takes a lot of time to design it.
  2. The hardware and software that make up the database is very expensive, due to which it takes a lot of money to make it.
  3. Before using the database, you have to learn about the database only then you can use it.

FAQ – Most frequently asked questions about Database-

Who is the founder of database?

Edgar F. Codd

What is the person who creates or manages the database called?

DBA (Database Administrator)

With the help of which language the database is created?

SQL (Structured Query Language)

Conclusion – What did you learn?

Friends, I hope you like this article.What is the databaseIt would have been nice and you would have understood the complete information of the database. If you have read this article from the beginning till here, then you must have got complete information about the database.

Well this articleWhat is the database“I have given complete information in correct and easy words, yet if you feel that there is some mistake in this article or something has been left out, then you can tell me by commenting, I will try to correct that mistake immediately.

this article”What is the databaseAfter reading, if you have any question in your mind or you want to ask me something, then you can comment me or my blog rahiweb.com You can contact me by going to the Contact Us page. this article”What is the databaseThank you so much for reading this till here.

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