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Friends today’s articleWhat is the CPU I am going to make you complete information about CPU in Hindi, in which you will know what is CPU, how many types of CPU are there (Types of CPU in hindi), full form of CPU (CPU full form in hindi), what is CPU What does and what is the definition of CPU?

If you are a computer science student or you want to get information about computer then this article is for you.What is the CPU Will be very important because in this I have explained all the information about CPU in very easy language.

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Friends, in today’s time, computer is used to do all the work well and in less time, which saves money as well as time. Due to the increasing use of computers in today’s time, it is very important for all the students to have the right knowledge of computers.

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Because the CPU is also an important part of the computer, it is very important to know about the CPU for the complete information of the computer, so let’s know that What is CPU?

What is CPU? (CPU kya hai – What is CPU in hindi)

The full name of CPU is Central Processing Unit and it is a part of computer hardware that helps to run all types of applications, software and programs in the computer. The CPU continuously runs the operating system and applications.

CPU kya hai aur kitne prakar ke hote hain
CPU kya hai aur kitne prakar ke hote hain?

CPU is like a chip which is installed in the motherboard of a computer system. CPU is made up of many small transistors. With the help of these transistors, the computer program runs and the CPU is able to complete the calculation.

The CPU receives the instruction of the computer and the input given by the user and completes the task very quickly. The more the capacity of the CPU, the faster it will run on its own. Programs And Applications can run.

CPU handles all the Impotent tasks of the computer system such as Arithmetical, Logical, Input and Output operations. CPU is known by many names such as Processor, Central Processor, Microprocessor etc.

The CPU is also called the brain of the computer and the CPU is an essential part of the computer. The CPU receives all the small instructions of hardware and software and processes them all and displays them as output in front of the user.

What is the full name of CPU? (full form of CPU – CPU full form in hindi)

Full form of CPU central processing unit (central processing unit) meaning in Hindi central processing unit Is.

How many types of CPUs are there? (Types of CPU in hindi)

Any CPU has at least one core from which the computer can run. Depending on the core, there are 6 types of CPUs, in which all do the same work, but the working capacity of all these types of CPUs is different.

Single core CPU

Single core CPU is the first model of computer CPU which is quite old. Single core CPU does not do multitasking work, in this only one task is completed at a time.

Understand in simple language, in this CPU you can run only one application at a time and if to run the second application, the wait for the first application to close will be less. Processing speed is very slow in single core CPU

Dual core CPU

Dual core CPU also has the same CPU chip but it has dual core which increases the processing speed of dual core CPU as compared to single core CPU. Dual core CPU does multitasking work and more than one application can be run at once in this type of CPU.

Quad core CPU

Quad core CPU has four cores in a single CPU chip, due to which its processing speed is much higher than Single core CPU and Dual core CPU. In this type of CPU, a lot of tasks are easily processed with multitasking, which makes processing video editing, designing and gaming easily.

Hexa Core CPU

Hexa core CPU has 6 cores.

Octa Core CPU

Octa core CPU has 8 cores.

Deca Core CPU

Deca core processor has 10 cores.

How does CPU work?

Now you must have come to know what role the CPU plays in the computer and how important is the CPU part of the computer. For complete information about CPU, you need to know how CPU works, so let us know how CPU works?

To process any data, the CPU follows three steps, which are known as Fetch, Decode and Execute. Let us know in detail about these three steps of processing CPU.

Fetch ,

The CPU receives the instructions or data given by the user through the input device in the computer in the form of instructions and the instructions are in a series of binary numbers. The CPU does not receive these instructions directly from the RAM, but in the RAM, these operations are broken into small parts and then the CPU receives all the parts one by one.

There is a program counter in RAM which keeps the address of the instructions and tells the CPU which is the next part of the instructions so that the CPU receives the correct part one after the other.

In the CPU, small parts of this instruction are stored in a register called the Instructions Register (IR).

Decode ,

After fetching the instructions in the CPU, they are sent in a circuit called decode. The decode converts that instruction into a signal and that signal is further sent to many parts of the CPU so that further work can be done on it.

Execute ,

In this step the decoded instructions are executed and executed so that they can be referenced. After this the decoded instructions are sent for output or stored in the internal storage.

What is the definition of CPU?

CPU is a processing device of computer hardware which is located on the motherboard installed in the computer. CPU is the most important part of computer and hence CPU is also called brain of computer.

The CPU controls the entire process from input to output in the computer. The work done by all the hardware and software of the computer is controlled by the CPU itself.

How many parts does the CPU have? (Components of CPU in hindi)

As you mentioned in this article.What is the CPU Let me first know that the CPU in the computer works as the brain, so whatever processing action happens in the computer is done by the CPU itself. But the CPU has three parts, which ALU, CU And MU is known as.

The three parts of the CPU have different functions and all the three parts together complete the task of processing. So let us now know about the three parts of the CPU in detail.

1. ALU (Arithmetics Logical Unit),

The full form of ALU is Arithmetical Logical Unit. The ALU is the main part of the CPU. Arithmetical and logical work is accomplished in processing by ALU.

Arithmetical Operations – In Arithmetical operations, tasks like emphasis, subtraction, multiplication and division are performed by the ALU.

Logical Operations – In logical operations, tasks like marking, matching and comparison are performed by the ALU.

2. CU (Control Unit)

The full form of CU is Control Unit. The CU controls all the processes happening in the computer and manages all the work done by the CPU, hence the CU is also called the manager of the computer.

The CU coordinates all the input devices, processors, output devices and storage devices in the computer, so that the instructions given by the input device are processed and displayed on the output device.

3. MU (Memory Unit)

The full name of MU is Memory Unit. MU stores the input or data given to the computer by the input device in the storage device and after processing that data stores it again in the storage device.

But MU uses different storage devices for both these tasks. The memory unit stores the input data or unprocessed data in temporary memory called RAM and stores the processed data in permanent memory called ROM. The data stored in ROM can be used by the user later according to his need.

FAQ – Most frequently asked questions about CPU
What is CPU?

CPU is the most important part of the computer which controls all the hardware and software processes present in the computer. Whatever work is done in the computer, the work of controlling all that is done by the CPU itself.

What is the full name of CPU?

The full name of CPU is Central Processing Unit.

What is the Hindi meaning of CPU?

full form of CPU central processing unit which means in hindi central processing unit Is.


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