What are coding? And how to learn it for free! ,

What are coding?

In simple language, coding means machine code which only computers can understand, with the help of which computer software and mobile apps are made. There is no operation of computer and mobile without coding, we also know coding by the name of program. It is used for computer software, smartphone, internet, games, application, robotics, website, etc. Just like in making and designing all things. There are more than 700 programming languages ​​in the world, which we know about many languages ​​like :- c-language , c++, python, java, java script, hmtl, css, php, mysql, ruby ​​etc. This language is used more, so it is more popular.

What happens with coding?

Today, by using the apps that we shop at home, or use the application for any other work, then it has been possible through coding. Friends, without coding, neither mobile application runs and this world cannot be digital either.

Benefits of learning Coding!

As friends, you know how much technology has become in the world, due to which our time can also be saved. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money by working from home. So it is very important for you to have knowledge of technical field.

Its advantages :-

1) With the help of coding, you can create your own apps, website or game.

2). You can earn more money in coding field, its demand is more in India.

3) Through coding, you can do blogging by creating your own website.

4).If you are a business man then you can do your business online on websites or apps like online.

5).You can also work in freelancing.

6. By becoming a teacher, you can open your own institute and teach the children.


How To Learn Coding!

Friends, you have come to know what is coding, if you have interest in computer line, then I will tell you how to learn it and which course you have to do for this. You can do engineering, B-tech, mca etc in computer science. You can do degree, even if you are not from technical field, still you can learn it very easily. So friends, to strengthen your base, first of all you have to learn basic language like – c, c++, HTML, CSS etc..

Which language should we learn for what?
technology programming language
mobile application java, c#, kotline, swift etc.
web designing html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.
web development php, java je, asp.net ,etc.
desktop c++, java se, python, visual basic .NET ,etc.

So friends, there are many platforms to learn this from which you can learn online, friends, first of all I will tell you from which platform of paid courses is there, after that I will tell you the course for free. If you are a beginner then you should w3school It is a good platform to learn coding. And if you have some very basic knowledge of coding then you udemy, coursera, codecademy, thinknext ,etc. Like there is a platform, where you can learn coding well. Friends, you do not have money to buy paid courses and you want to learn coding, then you have many channels on YouTube where you can learn coding in a simple way – like :- codewithharry, mysirg, wcube tech, etc. Like you can learn coding by going to the channel.

You learn Vern You can also learn coding from here, Learn Vern is such a platform where you can learn any course for free, here you do not have to pay any charge.

Friends, I hope that you will like this post, thank you.