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Today’s era is technical age, now there is not only job and business to earn money, many such avenues have been opened by which good income can be generated even by sitting at home, but technical knowledge for that. must have .

Nowadays many people are generating good income even by blogging sitting at home, but to do blogging, you first have to buy domain and hosting from a good company, till a few years ago, there was very little such company that provides web hosting. But today there have been thousands of companies that provide hosting and everyone is telling themselves the best, so in such a situation you may have a little confusion, so if you are thinking about taking hosting, then today we are telling you something. Keeping in mind that you have to buy hosting, today we will tell you about the top 5 company of India.

So let’s first see which things have to be taken care of –
Support – When you have any problem related to hosting, the tech support team should solve your problem as soon as possible.
Uptime- Buy hosting for your website from where you get 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
Security- It is most important for any website to keep its data secure, hosting should be purchased from the same company that uses SSL service, the company that does not use SSL service, their website gets hacked very soon and this will destroy your data. There are chances of getting stolen.
Backup and Recovery – If your website gets hacked or the file gets corrupted, in such a situation, to keep your data safe, buy hosting from those who fully provide the service of daily / weekly backup of your website data.
Speed ​​- The speed of the hosting server should be fast, due to low server speed, page loading will be slow, slow server will not be right for SEO and your customer / visitor.
Free trial – Before buying hosting, try once for free trial because once you understand it, then after taking hosting you will be able to work easily.
Money back guarantee – Buy hosting from a company that gives 100% money back guarantee so that even after taking hosting, if you feel that the service of this company is not right then you can get your money back.

India’s top 5 hosting provider company :-


Interserver The company is known for its best hosting, this company gives its users the facility to do domain registration along with hosting. Earlier in India, bloggers used to recommend hosting company like siteground and cloudways, but if they stopped providing their service in ASEAN countries, then now its place. interserver Took it

For those who are thinking of starting a new blogging, this is the best option because it gives 1 month hosting for just 1 $, it is necessary to have a pay pal account for those who do their business in the company, dollar. So, if you want to buy its hosting, then you can go to its site and buy it.

2.AccuWeb Hosting ,

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This company is providing high quality web hosting service at reliable prices to its global customers since 2003. They provide different types of hosting services on both Linux and Windows servers.
AccuWeb It has 15+ server locations worldwide and has hosted over 1 million websites. AccuWeb hosting The plans come with 24*7 super fast technical help. In addition to this, they offer 99.9% uptime and money back guarantee.

AccuWeb Different hosting plans include shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and more. The price of their web hosting starts from $2.99.

3.A2 hosting,

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A2 Hosting It is a best web host company, this company takes care of every need of its customer very well, this company gives best quality web hosting service to its customers. If you want fast speed and best performance hosting for your website then A2 Hosting There is no one better than If we talk about customer support, then it has made arrangements to solve the problem of its customer through live chat, phone calls and support ticket. Here you will get unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth. Once the hosting is taken, if the service is not liked, then it remains ready for money back at any time, you will get very little such company.

4.Namecheap ,

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by the way Namecheap Known for its best domain registration service but it also provides a good web hosting.
Its web hosting plans are also very cheap like its domain. It provides you web hosting plans at very cheap cost.
Namecheap But a basic web hosting plan starts from only $1.44 per month. This basic plan provides you many facilities which are as follows –
• 3 website hosting facility
• 20GB SSD strorage
• 1 Free Domain With Annual plans
• Unmetered Bandwidth
• Free SSL Certificate
• Twice A Week Backup
• Two data center location
• 30 email accounts
• Multiple PHP versions
• Dedicated Support and much more.


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Bluehost It is the most popular and best web hosting company which belongs to Endurance International group. Till date 2 Million websites around the world have been hosted on Bluehost. Bluehost hosting For it is quite famous not only in India but all over the world. Here you also get a free SSL certificate with Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space, which you will not find anywhere else. Another very good feature of this is that Automatic Data Backup of your website is taken every 5 days, so that important data here remains safe. If we talk about its customer support, then it is very good as compared to other companies.
So these were the top 5 hosting provider companies in India. Hope you have got a lot of information from this article and this article will be helpful in which company you should take host.

Thank you for reading the whole article, see you again with another article till then take care of yourself.
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