SO Full Form in Hindi – What is SO and how to become one!

SO Full Form in Hindi Friends, you want to become a SO officer and you want to get all the information related to it and for that you are looking for a good post where you can get all the information, then you have opened the right post.

Because today we will tell you through this article SO And CO We are going to tell you the full form and complete information about SO. SO full form in hindi “station officer” and SO full form in English “Station Officer” Happens, along with this we know the full form of Co Ka in Hindi. “Circle Officer” and in english “circle officer” Huh.

SO Full Form in Hindi

SO ki full form Station Officer happens | SO in Hindi station officer says | SO or SHO both are same post in Uttar Pradesh Police Department. The job of SO officers is very challenging and they are responsible for controlling and managing the order and law in his area. His designation insignia are three stars and he has a red-blue ribbon on his shoulder strap.


SO Full Form in Police Friends, there are many people who want to become SO officer, so first of all let me tell you that SO is a promotion post. Firstly you are appointed as a sub-inspector and then after your work of few years you are promoted to SO or Inspector.

In the Uttar Pradesh Police Department, both the posts of SO and SHO are very high posts, there are many duties on the SO officer. There are three stars on the shoulder of an SO officer and the salary of an SO officer is ₹ 4 to ₹ 5 lakh per year and along with it some other services are also given to them absolutely free of cost.

To become an SO officer, your age should be between 21 to 30 years and you should also be a citizen of India. To become an SO officer, you must have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university. To become an SO officer, first you have to give written exam and then physical efficiency test. If you pass in both the exams, then your documents are verified after that.

SO Officer Salary & Perks

One SO The salary of the officer is about 3,62000 / per year and apart from this, the government also gives some other facilities to them.

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Age Range

To become SO, the age limit of the candidate should be between 21 to 30 years. There is a relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit for ST SC candidates.

physical requirements

To become SO, the age limit of the candidate should be between 21 to 30 years. At the same time, there is a relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit for ST SC candidates.


Minimum 168 cms for males and 155 cms for females


it should be in proportion to the height


Minimum 84 cms and chest expansion of 5 cms

physical efficiency test

Minimum 84 cms and chest expansion of 5 cms


  • 1600 meters run in 7.5 minutes
  • 3.5m long jump in 3 attempts
  • 1.15m high jump within 3 attempts
  • Vertical Rope – Climb 2 meters from the ground


  • 800 meters run in 4 minutes 45 seconds
  • 3-meter long jump
  • 1 meter high jump

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Selection Process

  • Written Test
  • Physical Efficiency Test
  • Document Verification and Medical Examination

Some Other SO Realted Full Form in Hindi

  • So – Student Organization
  • SO – Shared Objects
  • SO – Shift Out
  • SO – Student Orientation
  • So – Self Organization
  • SO – Sign Off
  • SO – Special Operations
  • SO – Second Order
  • SO – Special Order
  • SO – Significant Other
  • SO – Sold Out
  • SO – Special Offer
  • SO – Safety Officer
  • SO – Stack Overflow
  • SO – Senior Officer
  • SO – Sex Offender
  • SO – Super Overclock
  • SO – Shipping Order
  • SO – Superior Olive
  • SO – Stand For On
  • SO – Softchoice Corporation
  • SO – Sub Office
  • SO – Section Officers
  • SO – Source Out
  • SO – Sales Order
  • SO – Special Operation
  • SO – Single Output
  • SO – Sulfur Monoxide
  • SO – Show Off
  • SO – Second Opinion
  • SO – Standing Orders


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