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SDM Full Form :- Hello friends, do you also want to know how to become an SDM officer, or what is the full form of SDM in Hindi? There are many people like you who SDM Full Form If you want to know about SDM, then in today’s post we will share with you all the information related to SDM, which will be very useful for you.

Here we will know about SDM Full Form. What is the full form of SDM. Let us tell you that whenever there is an interruption in any government work or any lower employee does not want to do that work, then it is asked to go to the SDM Officer to get that work done.

then the person SDM Officer Then after that SDM officer is asked to do that work, then no one can stop him from doing that work. You must have heard about the power of SDM Officer somewhere and if you are a student then in your mind too. SDM Must be a dream to become. So let us try to give you all the information related to this today through this article.

Full Form of SDM – SDM Full Form in Hindi

sdm ka full form “Sub Divisional Magistrate” it happens. which in hindi “Deputy District Officer” says. Some people know SDM as DM, but let us tell you, the full form of ADM is “Additional District Magistrate” (Additional District Officer). The rank of ADM is higher than that of SDM.

If we talk about their work, then it is present in 29 states of India and there are many districts in every state. In which it is important to have one SDM in every district and in our country, many magistrate roles exist for sub-divisional magistrates in India under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973.

SDM Meaning in Hindi

District Magistrate is the most powerful in any district, he gets a lot of powers, the same authority is with the SDM at the divisional level. Many works in the district are controlled by the SDM. They do many things like conducting elections in the district, imposing lockdown, issuing licenses etc.

Because SDM is a powerful post, so SDM also gets a lot of salary, along with the salary, many facilities are also available from the government side. Every student has a desire to become SDM after studying well, but some students do not get this post due to lack of complete knowledge.

If you are thinking of becoming an SDM in future, then it is very important for you to know the full form of SDM and all the information related to how to become an SDM. Let us tell you that some subdivisions of the district come under SDM. There are some tehsils in the sub-division of each district. All Tehsildars of these tehsils work under SDM.

What is the function of SDM?

SDM Full Form – Sub Divisional Magistrate What are the functions of SDM? Each district is divided into tehsils. These tehsils are assigned to an SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate). The SDM takes care of all the illegal proceedings taking place in the district. All the land papers of the district and its accounts come under the SDM. All Tehsildars come under SDM, who cannot proceed any action without asking the SDM. Apart from this, the SDM has the right to issue many other certificates like SC / ST and OBC.

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How to become an SDM Officer?

You can become a SUB DIVISIONAL MAGISTRATE in two ways. First you have to become IAS by qualifying the UPSC exam, after becoming IAS you will have to work as ASI for some time then you will be appointed to the post of SDM. And in other way you can become SDM directly. In this you have to qualify PCS exam.

In both these methods, the examination is conducted in three stages which are as follows. Preliminary exam, main exam, interview, for this PCS and IAS exam, your qualification is necessary to pass graduation from any recognized university.

1. SDM to become Age Limit What lives?

General Category 21 to 40 years
OBC Category 21 to 45 years
SC/ST Category 21 to 45 years
for PWD 21 to 55 years

2. Preliminary Exam Pattern (PRELIMINARY EXAM PATTERN)

The preliminary exam pattern is as follows-

question paper numbers
General Knowledge-1 200
General Knowledge- 2 200

3. Main Exam Pattern

The main exam pattern is as follows-

question paper numbers
Hindi 150 marks
essay 150 marks
General Studies 1 200 marks
General Studies 2 200 marks
General Studies 3 200 marks
General Studies 4 200 marks
Optional Subject Paper 1 200 marks
Optional Subject Paper 2 200 marks


After successful completion of both these examinations, the candidate is called for an interview, in which the eligibility of the candidate is assessed. After this, the candidate who is successful in the interview is selected for the post of SDM.

What is the salary of SDM Officer?

The monthly salary of SDM officer ranges from Rs 53,000 to 67.700. Apart from this, after applying different types of allowances, this salary is fixed at Rs 1 lakh.

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What are the facilities available to SDM from the government?

  • The government also gives the SDM a house to live in, which is free or of very little cost.
  • As long as the SDM is on his job, the electricity bill of the house is also given by the government.
  • Security guards to guard the house and servants to do household chores.
  • In the state where the SDM is posted, if he goes somewhere in the whole state for some government work, then arrangements are made for a high class accommodation.
  • A mobile connection whose entire cost is given by the government.
  • There is a private one and a government driver is also found with him.
  • After retirement, the spouse of the SDM also gets pension.


Friends, today you have learned this through this article. SDM Full Form,SDM Full FormWhat is the full form of SDM? (What is the Full Form of SDM in Hindi) Apart from this, we also learned Full Form of SDM (Meaning of SDM).

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