PDF full form in hindi | What is the full form of PDF?

PDF Full Form:- Friends, you must have heard the name of PDF many times, but did you ever know what is the full form of PDF? So in this post today we will know that PDFFull Form in Hindi Friends, it would not be right to know just what is the full form of PDF? Therefore, in this post, we will try to know all the information related to PDF together.

If you use computer and internet many times a day, then you must have heard the name of PDF. You must have opened the link of PDF file many times in our blog, which mostly contains files of job notifications or results etc.

But many people who do not have much information about PDF file, then through this post today we will tell you what is PDF file? What is PDF Full Form? PDF meaning in Hindi? Compress PDF meaning in Hindi? How to add PDF file? How is a PDF file created? Pdf Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai etc.

PDF Full Form – What is the full form of PDF?

Pdf Ka Full Form – “Portable Document Format” happens | Now let’s talk what is this PDF? Friends, simply put, Pdf is a kind of document file in which text, image, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, video etc. can be kept and they can be read whenever they want. Pdf is manufactured by Acrobat Company.

You can create PDF file with the help of “Adobe Acrobat software”. Nowadays there are many software available, you can use any software to create and read PDF file. PDF is mainly used for sharing documents.

You can protect PDF file with the help of password. You open the PDF file in any device, there is no change in it, it looks the same on every device. Nowadays many browsers also support PDF file such as Chrome and Firefox. Nowadays you will also find many software online from which you can convert PDF format to any other format like HTML, SWF, MOBI, PDB, EPUB, TXT etc.

PDF Meaning in Hindi Meaning of PDF

There are many people who want to know the meaning of English words in Hindi meaning, so let me tell you that Hindi meaning of pdf format (PDF full form in hindi) is “Affordable Document Format”. There are some people who do not have the knowledge of pure Hindi, so let me tell you that here the word portable means portable or small, like we use the word portable in many places like portable fan means small fan. Similarly, the size of the pdf file is small, that is why the word portable has been added to its extension.

When we convert a normal photo and text file to PDF file, it gets converted as a portable document. For example, if you have a large MS Word file that you want to email or open it on your mobile, you can share that file by converting it to a PDF file.

After converting to PDF, the size of the file is reduced, so that you can easily share and open that file and watch it.

What is the history of PDF?

When we need something, it is invented. Similarly, in the field of computers, the need for such a software was felt, with the help of which we can convert the hard copy of any document into electronic form. That is why in the year 1990, the file format of PDF file was prepared by ADOBE company. Its software was named Adobe Reader. Through this we can read the document and also share it with anyone.

Initially, PDF was mostly used in computer only. Because smartphones were rarely used. But in today’s time smartphone also has a lot. You must have downloaded the document many times from the internet, it is downloaded in pdf file format only. Like job notifications are mostly in pdf format only.

For information, let me tell you that initially from 1993 to July 2008, only ADOBE company had the right on PDF format, but on July 1, 2008, this company issued a license which is called Public Patent License. Under this license PDF was made royalty free and after that any company or organization can easily use PDF.

Why did we need PDF?

Friends, files are in many formats, whether it is in MS WORD, whether it is in the form of text or whether it is in the form of an image or an EXCEL sheet or any other type of file format, any kind of document or else. The file is there, we send it from one computer to another inside any other device.

At the same time, if you send it from a computer to a mobile, then the format of them changes because it is not necessary that all the computers have the same type of operating system, it is not necessary that the same type of fonts have been installed in all the computers. Somewhere the format of the file changes, its design changes, so many problems like this are seen.

How to Access Pdf File?

If you have any PDF file in your computer and you want to access it, then for this you have to download software named adobe reader in your computer. With this you can open pdf file.

If you want to open pdf file in your mobile phone then you do not need to download any app because almost all phone already have pdf reader. If still you are facing any problem in opening PDF file then you can download adobe reader app from play store.

How to read PDF file?

If you have a phone or computer, then you can easily read the PDF file and know what is written in it. PDF reader is already present in today’s smartphone, if you are still not able to open PDF file, then search by typing PDF Reader in Play Store, you will see many applications from which PDF file can be read.

If you want to read PDF file in your computer or laptop, then there is a popular software for this, its name is Adobe Reader. This software was also made by the same company that created the PDF.

How to Create Pdf File?

Friends pdf file can be created from both computer and mobile phone but the method of creating pdf file is different in both. Here I have told you a very easy way by which you can create pdf file.

How to Create Pdf File from Computer?

  1. Now let’s talk about how you can create pdf file from computer. Friends, by the way, you will find many such articles and videos on the Internet. how to create a pdf file from computer but in them you have been told with the help of some online tools and software that you can create pdf file.
  2. But today I am going to tell you the way. In this you will not need any online tools and software. Rather you can create pdf file from ms office which is in everyone’s computer.
  3. For this you have to open MS Word and then you can create any document. It has to be created in MS word and then click on save as and save the file in PDF. With this, your file which you have created in Word will be saved in PDF file.
  4. Keep in mind that the option of save as pdf is only in Microsoft Office 2010 or above, if you use MS Word-2007, then you will have to install a plugin from Microsoft’s website.

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How to Create PDF File from Mobile?

  1. For this, you first have to download an app WPS Office + PDF, after that you have to open it and click on the + sign and then click on new pdf.
  2. After this you will get four options here.
  3. If you have a word document and want to convert it to pdf, then click on document to pdf option.
  4. If you have a picture and you want to convert that picture to pdf, then click on picture to pdf.
  5. And if you have a hard copy document, you want to scan it directly and make it a pdf file, then click on scan document to pdf.
  6. And if there is a webpage on the Internet for which you want to create a PDF file, then you click on the webpage to pdf.
  7. After this, you have to select the file by clicking on any one of these options and click on Export PDF, this will create your PDF file.
  8. Apart from this, you can also use CamScanner, which is also a very good app but in this you will get more options than that.


So friends today through this article you PDF Full FormTo know what is the full form of PDF, etc. Together I have told you all PDF Full Form in Hindi I have tried to give complete information related to pdf like what is pdf, when pdf was created, how to read pdf file etc. After reading this post, all of you must have got an idea about how important PDF is for us and what are its benefits.

It is very easy to prepare PDF file. You can also make it with software like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, if you like this post of ours. PDF Full Form If you liked then please share it with your friends. Apart from this, if you have any question or suggestion, then you can ask us by commenting below. Thank you !