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MD Full Form Today in this article we MD Full Form We are going to tell about it, many people are not aware about it, due to which this article has been written so that we can tell you complete information about it in Hindi, you all will know that MD is a very popular course, If your dream is to become a doctor then you can do this course, in this you can make your best future.

Today in this article, we are going to give information related to MD, just you read our article completely, I promise, after reading this article of ours, you will get answers to all the questions related to MD in your mind. Whenever you have gone to the hospital, you must have read the names of MD Nephrology, MD Cardiology, MD Gastroenterology etc. .

You must be thinking that only those in the medical field will know this, but let us tell you that some students who belong to the medical field also do not have much information about MD at times. Therefore, in today’s article, we will not only tell you what is the full form of MD, friends will provide you all the information related to it.

MD is an abbreviation which has a different full form in each field. Mostly in India the word MD can be heard in medical line. So let’s say that in the field of medicine Full Form of Md doctor of medicine (Doctor of Medicine)) It happens.

MD Ka Full Form :-

MD full formDoctor of Medicine“What we know in our language as ‘Doctor of Medicine’. MD Latin word “Medicinae Doctor‘ is taken from.

The Hindi meaning of Medicinae Doctor is “teacher of medicine”. MD is the highest degree in the medical field.

The Hindi meaning of Medicinae Doctor is “teacher of medicine”. MD is the highest degree in the medical field.

MD Full Form in Hindi :-

By reading the information given above, by now you must have come to know that the full form of MD is “Doctor of Medicine“Happens.

Doctor of Medicine in Hindi languagemedicine teacher” And “medical doctorKnown as “.

MD – medicine teacher

What is the meaning of MD (Meaning of MD in Hindi):-

The word MD is derived from the Latin word “Medicinae Doctor” which means ‘teacher of medicines’ in Hindi language. MD degree is considered to be the highest degree in the medical field. MD is a high position in the medical field.

MBBS Degree holders can pursue this (MD) degree to specialize in the fields of medicine and surgery.

What is MD (What is MD in Hindi) :-

MD is the highest academic degree in the field of medicine, MD is a post graduate degree. MD is a three-year post graduate degree in the field of medicine after completing MBBS.

MD a Post Graduate degree is there, so to do this, the candidate must first MBBS degree should be obtained.

Duration of MD Course :-

MD is a 3 year course, both theoretical and practical subjects have been included in the course of MD. In this course, the examination is conducted at the end of the year.

This (MD) course is more practical as compared to MBBS course, in which research is included on a large scale.

MD degrees are awarded by many countries in which AmericaCountries like Canada are also included. This degree is awarded by most of the medical colleges.

Eligibility for MD Course :-

The qualifications that are sought from the students for doing MD course are as follows-

  • To pursue MD course, you must have MBBS degree or pass certificate in MBBS degree or equivalent qualification issued by Medical Council of India State Medical Council.

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How to do MD course :-

If you want to do MD course then you must first MBBS You have to do a course of, for doing MD you must have MBBS.

For doing MD course you need NEETYou have to pass the PG exam with good marks, after that you can do MD course.

1. Pass 12th Exam :-

To do MD course, first of all you need to have Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects. 12th have to pass the exam.

2. Do MBBS or BHMS :-

You complete MBBS or BHMS and try to get a good rank in it, you can do this course from both government and private institutions.

3. Entrance Exam :-

To do MD course, you also have to give its entrance exam, after passing the entrance exam you get admission in it.

4. Complete MD Course :-

After passing the entrance exam, you get admission in this course, after getting admission, you get its degree after studying for 3 years.

Advantages of MD Course :-

There are many benefits of doing MD course, some of the benefits of doing MD course are as follows-

  • After doing MD course you become expert in surgery.
  • After completing the MD course, you get the post graduate degree.
  • After doing MD course, you can get a job as a doctor in the hospital.
  • You can also open your own hospital after MD course.
  • After doing MD course, you can also get a job abroad.

Main branches of Doctor of Medicine (MD):-

There are many branches under Doctor of Medicine or MD, out of which some of the main branches are as follows-


Apart from all this, there are many other branches.

Subjects of MD Course :-

There are many subjects inside the MD course, the student chooses the subject according to his interest. The names of the subjects covered under this course are as follows-

Career after MD course :-

If you have successfully completed MBBS and MD course then you can get selected very easily in government and private hospitals, government health organizations etc. our country India Doctors get a lot of respect and money in this.

Sectors of employment after MD course :-

After completing MD course, you can get employment in the following areas very easily-

  • Non-Profit Organization’s

Job Profile after MD Course :-

After completing Hindi course our job profile is as follows-

  • Medical Admitting Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Salary after MD course :-

Friends, you must know that in the field of medical, higher salary is given than other fields, if you work somewhere after MD course, then initially you will be provided salary at the rate of 2,50,000 to 4,00,000 per annum. are done. According to the rules of the hospitals, your salary can be more or less than this.

Other Full Forms of MD :-

There are many other full forms of MD, some of which are given below as follows-

1. Managing Director (MD) :-

Another full form of MD is “Managing Director“It happens, we know it in our language by the name of ‘Managing Director’.

Managing Director in Hindi languageManaging DirectorKnown as “. Some companies are such that MD CEO refers as.

MD is the senior most corporate officer of a company or organization, MD is responsible for all the day to day operations of the company. In a company MD acts as a link between the employees and the board of directors.

Responsibilities of MD :-

An MD has many responsibilities in a company, an MD acts as a director, leader, decision maker and manager etc.

MD also advises the board of directors, motivates the employees and brings changes in the company or organization.

There are many other full forms of MD which you can see below-


Today in this article we have got all the information related to MD like – MD Full Form, MD Full FormMD Ka Full Form, What is MD, Eligibility for MD, How to do MD, Fields of Employment, Job Profile, Salary and many more types of information related to MD.

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