Life-Changing Remedies I Learned From The Brahma Kumaris

Life-Changing Remedies I Learned From The Brahma Kumaris

Life-Changing Lessons Which I Learnt From The Brahma Kumaris in Hindi

Life Changing Lessons Which I Learnt From The Brahma Kumaris in Hindi

Who am I ? Who am I ?

Who am I? This is a subject that we remain unaware of even though we know it. I had studied the shlokas of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta many times so that I had complete knowledge about the soul. Still, all his time and focus was devoted to the maintenance of the body, the material of the body and the attainment of the glories of the body. The knowledge of God, who is called the truth i.e. Satyam Shivam Sundaram, first of all reminds us of our own true form.

when i first day Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University When I went there, the teacher gave me a detailed introduction about the soul. He told that the soul is a tiny point of light like a star which sits between our heads. The soul is a resident of the supreme abode, who comes to play his part on the stage of this world.

In this point the seven qualities –

  • Peace
  • purity
  • Love
  • joy
  • Happiness
  • knowledge and
  • powers

are existing. The soul itself has to do the work of thinking through the mind and understanding and decision making through the intellect. He told that it is not enough to know and believe the soul, but one has to do every action by establishing oneself in the state of soul consciousness. Just as a driver uses accelerator, clutch, etc. to drive a vehicle, similarly I soul, wearing this body-like costume, performs karma through organs. But the mistake was made that I mistook myself for the vehicle i.e. the body and kept getting away from my original identity. Ignoring the most valuable soul, I would remain in body consciousness all the time. Due to which the five vices took their effect on me (of the soul) or to say that I Sita in the form of soul came under the captivity of Ravana.

Then the teacher further explained that now if we want to get out of the claws of these vices, then again we have to be established in our true religion i.e. spiritual form. Not only consider yourself to be a soul, but also to see others in their original spiritual form. As we bring soul consciousness into practice, the qualities of our soul i.e. peace, purity, happiness, love will all start to emerge and the evils will merge.

Then when I went home, I saw my family members with great affection that this soul is playing the role of my husband, these shiny stars are playing the role of my son-daughter, my brother-sister etc. After doing this type of practice for a few days, I saw a big transformation. The expectations, complaints or possessiveness I had from my relationship began to subside and a true love, unconditional love feeling. Acceptance started increasing and in response I saw that even those people started getting complaints from me. Not that he did not explain his mistake to him, but if he explained it with love and acceptance, he also listened to me carefully. Thus all relations improved. Physical and mental health improved. At the same time, a feeling of great peace and bliss was felt which had never happened before.

Although it takes a lot of time to become natural because we do not see the soul, if we see it, it is the body. But when knowledge is attained, then by using divine intellect, one has to practice to consciously see oneself and others as souls, while doing deeds, in between, one has to remind oneself of the true nature of oneself.

This knowledge of the soul is for the people of all religions. You belong to any religion, while staying in your religion, you can practice Soul Consciousness in the morning and evening for 10-10 minutes and even while doing work. Some commentaries have been given on the website of Brahma Kumaris for the practice of soul consciousness, you can also take their help.

In the end, I request all of you to try and practice soul consciousness for a few days. You will get very subtle experiences in life. Share those experiences with us too.

Thank you

Reema Gujral JiReema Gujral

VRS Administrative Officer

Oriental Insurance Co.

Email id.: [email protected]

Reema ji is a regular student of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya for the last 12 years and adopts the teachings received from there in her life. Due to which there has been a big change in his life. We are grateful to Reema ji for sharing her knowledge with us. Thank you.


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