How to Rank New BlogWebsite in Google [ Top 10 Tips 2021]

10 Tips How To Rank New BlogWebsite In Google
10 Tips How To Rank New BlogWebsite In Google

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking in Google? Blog Ko First Page Par Rank Kaise Kare 2021, How to Rank New BlogWebsite in Google After knowing 10 tips, your website will come to Google’s first page, how to do SEO if you are a newbie blogger, have just started your blog. Blogging Guidelines are needed, how to rank Blog Post by improving website Google Ranking, because new bloggers make Biggest Blogging Mistake, such as: – Which Template / Themes to put in the website. How to write post. What are the important plugins, how is the SEO of the website done,

website rank kaise kare 2021, if you are a newbie blogger and have just created your new blog, then this post is for you, I am going to tell you 10 tips how to rank website, read the post well, follow your website Google’s first will be ranked on the page,

10 Tips How To Rank New BlogWebsite In Google

If you want to earn money by making a website but your website is not coming in Google Search, then I am going to tell you 10 tips so that you can bring your website to the first page of Google in a day, what to do after creating a new website, so that more More and more traffic came to our website from Google,

10 Tips How To Get Website Ranked In Google
10 Tips How To Get Website Ranked In Google

1. Choose Top-Level Domain

While creating a website, users make a big mistake, they start creating a site on a sub-domain, in such a situation, you should choose Choose Top-Level Domain, such as – com, org or net. But our money is not spent, that’s why we make a website on the sub domain, subdomain free website Blogspot. wix subdomain. Choose a free sub-domain of,,,,, For this you have to select Se Rs.99 Me Domain Kaise Register Kare can,

2. Choose a Micro Niche Topic

Domain is the most important thing since we do our complete website design since Domain and Hosting Buy. Blog Post Ideas From where to write a blog post on which topic, which Google But the search is done, if your website is on any one Niche Topic, then there is more chance of traffic coming to your website,

If you are writing related posts from any category on your website, then you should do Trending Topic Search, there is more chance than this, if you trending topic If you write a post, you will have more chances to visit your website from Google. google trend You can find out the Trending Topic related to the category your website will be in,

3. Submit a Sitemap to WMT

Submitting to Google Webmaster Tools after creating a blog is important for ranking, it would have been very important to submit a WMT XML Sitemap after doing Ownership Verification, but new bloggers keep writing posts and don’t pay attention, I can tell you all. After writing 7 to 10 posts in the website google webmaster tools Verify your website, should keep watching Google Search Console, whether the post which is written is getting indexed or not, how to verify website in google webmaster tools Read this post, apart from this, you have to verify your site in bing and yahoo search engine,

4. Add Google Analytics Tracking Code

You can take help from Google Analytics to increase traffic on your website, Create a New Blog, start writing posts on it, even after publishing 25 to 30 articles on your site, traffic is not coming, then link your website with Google Analytics now. You saw all the data of the user, how many organic users have come to the website and which keyword ranking is to be cut on the live user website, so Google Analytics is good for traffic lanes on the website, you get a lot of ideas from Google Analytics. will go, how to create account in google analytics,

5. Share Social Media

To increase website traffic, it is necessary to share blog posts on social media along with SEO, first create an account on social media like Facebook,Twitter, YouTube Pinterest

You can get do-follow backlink by sharing blog post link on social media, but this is a very good way for website ranking, to make backlink on website for free,

6. Make A Website Mobile Friendly

Those who are new bloggers, they can anyone from the Internet. Themes Download Do install it in your website which takes time to open the website, Fast Loading User Friendly Mobile Friendly theme Apply, because in today’s time most users visit website from mobile, so we should design our website as Mobile Friendly Website, for how to rank website. Mobile Friendly Themes/Templates should be installed, but the site loading speed should be fast. If your site is on WordPress then install AMP Plugin, the site speed will increase,

7. Image Optimization for SEO

Most of the users who are new bloggers get Free Image or else from Google. Copyright Free Images Download By adding it to Blog Post, there are problems in website ranking, Search Engine Crawlers do not understand the name “IMG_7292454”,

That’s why it is very important to do SEO Friendly Image Optimization for the photo you are putting while posting the blog, Alt Text whichever photo you are adding to the blog post. Title. Caption. It is necessary to write the description, this will rank the photo in Google and if the user searches the image by going to the image, then our website will also be visible and our uploaded photo will also be visible,

8. Write SEO Friendly Meta Description

After writing a post on the website, most of the users do not write the Meta Description or some of the post they write copy the word and paste it in the Meta Description, in such a situation there will be a problem in ranking the blog post, what should be the Meta Description Length User Who does not know, how to write SEO Friendly Meta Description for block post and how many words should it be?

Meta Description 155–160 characters is good and after doing keyword analysis, I put the keyword, which is written related post,

9. Create Unique, Original Blog Content

Often the new bloggers make the biggest mistake by visiting different websites and copy-pasting the content, a little bit from here and there, collect the information and copy-paste and publish it on their website, but good original content. You will have to write in Blog Posts, write valuable content while writing blog articles, which will benefit the user, the user will come back to your site and there will be a chance to share the post, ranking your website on Google, write the post with the help of keyword research tool, some topics Like, Top 10. Top 5 Full Guide. Full Information. Best Tips like this keyword search happens more,

10. Write Guest on Other Website

The best way to bring traffic to your website is to go to another website and do a guest post, you will get backlinks and you will get unlimited traffic. Go to any other website related to your blog and write Guest Post, you will get Backlink, with this your site will rank quickly in Google, the website where Domain Authority and Page Authority is more, you are allowed for Guest Post, then more The website has a chance to be ranked in the first phase of Google.


It is well told in this post, 10 tips have been given on how to rank New BlogWebsite in Google, if you are a new blogger and want to rank your website in Google, this post apk will be useful, what to do ranking your website on Google And what is the best way to rank the blog or website,