How to hide your username in WordPress? How To Hide Your Username In WordPress ?

Friends, if you have come here it means that you have created a new WordPress website.

When we create a new WordPress website, WordPress takes many things on its own which are not right and it is in our best interest to fix them.

So friends, if your WordPress website is also showing your username instead of your name, then you can fix it by following some easy steps. But first let’s look at an example of this so that you can know whether you are looking for the solution of the right thing or not.

In the below picture you can see that my website is showing my username instead of my name which is neither good looking nor security wise. So it is very important to fix it.

wordpress showing username insted of author name

How to hide your username in WordPress? How To Hide Your Username In WordPress In Hindi ?

Follow the points given below to fix this problem.

  • First of all login to your WordPress website.
  • Now click on Users from the menu appearing in the corner.
  • You will see three options in Users – All Users, Add New and Your Profile
  • From this select Your Profile.
selecting your profile from users in WordPress dashboard
  • Now come down a little bit.
  • Here you will see 4 fields – First Name, Last Name, Nickname (Required) and Display Name Publicly As.
changing user profile to show your name instead of your WordPress username
  • Enter your first and last name in the first and second fields. In the third field, you enter your name that you like or it is the name you want people to know.
  • Now select the name from the list in the fourth field that you want your website to show.
  • After filling all the fields, you move towards the bottom and click on Update Profile.
updating user profile to hide WordPress username
  • Now go to your website and refresh/reload the page.
  • Now you can see that your username has been removed from your website.
author name successfully changed

Before you go from here, I want to tell you about another problem related to this.

By the way, your website is now showing your name instead of your username. But still there is a problem with it. You move the pointer of your mouse above your name appearing on your website.

As soon as you do this you will see that an author URL will be showing in the bottom corner. In simple words, a link will be visible in which your username will be visible. This is also not good from the security point of view because any person can know your username.

So how to remove it? You can click on the link given below to know the answer.

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