DBMS kya hai and its types, uses, functions

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Before you understand DBMS what is data And what is database Will have to understand, then only you will be able to understand correctly What is DBMS?

What is data? (What is Data in hindi)

A small part of any kind of information is called data such as a number, alphabet, character, photo, video, audio and graphic, all of which is a data.

Data Word is a computer language and any kind of information in computer language is called data.

What is Web 3.0? Web 3.0 full details

What is the Internet and who invented the Internet?

What is a server and what are its types?

What is software and what are its types?

What is database? (What is Database in hindi)

A collection of relevant and in-relevant data is called a database. A database contains a collection of data or a group of data is called a database.

In simple words, a lot of data is stored in the database and later the data stored in it is also edited or deleted.

Friends, now you must have understood what is data and what is database. So now let’s go through this article “DBMS kya hai” Let’s understand about DBMS through this.

What is DBMS? DBMS kya hai (What is DBMS in hind)

DBMS is a software that does systematic management of data i.e. DBMS works to manage the database. Any data is stored in the database by DBMS and the stored data is edited or deleted.

What is DBMS
What is DBMS? (Database Management System)

In simple words, DBMS is such a software or a set of many programs, which are used to create, access and manage the database.

What is the full form of DBMS? (DBMS Full Form in hindi)

The full name of DBMS is Database Management System which means in Hindi. database management system it happens.

What are the types of DBMS? (Types of DBMS in hindi)

HDBMS (Hierarchical Database Management System)

The full form of HDBMS is Hierarchical Database Management System. Its structure is like a tree which is only one

In Hierarchical Database Management System all the data is displayed as child and parent.

NDBMS (Network Database Manament System)

The full form of NDBMS is Network Database Management System. It is represented in the form of records in which one data to another data is pushed through a link.

RDBMS (Relational Database Manament System)

The full form of RDBMS is Relational Database Management System. In this, the information is arranged in a relational manner. That is, whenever the data is arranged in the form of a table or in Rows and Columns, it is called RDBMS.

In RDBMS, Rows are called Tuples and Columns are called Attributes or to say that the second name of Rows is Tuples and the other name of Columns is Attributes.

Object-oriented Database Management System

In an object-oriented database management system, data is stored as an object. There can be different types of relationship between two or more objects in this database. Object-oriented programming language is required to create this database.

List of DBMS Software (DBMS Software list in hindi)

  1. MySQL
  2. Microsoft Access
  3. Oracle RDBMS
  4. PostgreSQL
  6. informix
  7. IBM DB2
  8. LibreOffice Base
  9. Mongongo
  10. Toad
  11. Seqel PRO
  12. Hadoop HDFS
  13. Counchbase
  14. MariaDB
  15. Microsoft SQL Server
  16. AmazonRDS
  17. Redis
  18. OrientDB
  19. FileMaker
  20. phpMyAdmin
  21. cloudera
  22. Robomongo

Component of DBMS (components of dbms

There are four main components of Database Management System which are Data, Hardware, Software and User. So let us know in detail about the main four components of DBMS.

1. Data

The most important component of a DBMS is data. DBMS works to collect, store, process and access data.

2. Hardware

Hardware is a very important component of DBMS which is our computer system. Computer systems are used to store databases and access databases.

3. Software

Software also comes in the important component of DBMS and it is a group of programs. The database is controlled and managed by the software itself.

The software acts as an interconnection between the user and the database. The user does the work of inserting, updating, managing and deleting data in the database through the software itself.

4. User

There are three types of users of DBMS (Database Management System), DBA (Database Administrator), Application and End-user etc.

  1. DBA (Database Administrator) – DBA (Database Administrator) is the user who designs the database and works to maintain that database.
  2. Application Programmer Application programmers are those users who create or create the application programs used in the database.
  3. end-user End-user is the user who inserts data into the database through many different types of applications and programs and accesses the database and edits or deletes the stored data in it.

Advantages of DBMS of dbms in hindi)

There are many benefits of using DBMS (Database managements system), so let’s know about the advantages of DBMS in the following.

  1. Many methods are provided by DBMS to store and retrieve different types of data.
  2. The DBA (Database Administrator) controls the DBMS and can also share data with any user.
  3. Redundancy of data in the database is reduced by DBMS i.e. does not allow unnecessary to be stored in the database.
  4. DBMS keeps the database secure so that no one can access the database without permission or authorization.
  5. DBMS has the facility to backup and restore the data so that it can be restored only when the data is deleted due to some reason.

Disadvantages of dbms in hindi

Because we know that doing any work in the world or using anything has some disadvantages as well as advantages, so DBMS also has some disadvantages along with many advantages. So let us know about the disadvantages of DBMS in points.

  1. DBMS (Database Management System) requires very expensive hardware and software.
  2. DBMS is very difficult to use so it is important to learn about it well first.
  3. In DBMS, all the data is stored in a single database, due to which the chances of database failure increase and a lot of important data can be lost due to sudden database failure.
  4. For DBMS, there is a need of DBA (Database Administrator), Application Programmer, Operators etc. and training has to be given to it.
  5. The size of DBMS software is quite large, so for it to work properly, it requires a lot of space in the memory of the system.
Conclusion / Conclusion – (What do you know)

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