CIC Full Form in Hindi – What is CIC or Central Information Commission?

CIC Full Form – Hello friends, in this post we will tell you what is CIC Full Form or Central Information Commission? It is going to give complete information about it.

Friends, when a citizen wants any kind of information, then he goes to the CIC to get that information. Apart from this, if any citizen is dissatisfied with the information of the Ministry, then he can get more information by visiting the CIC office. This will also give information from him and will not have to go to any office.
So friends, now we will tell you in detail what is the full form of CIC, what is Central Information Commission? Let’s start.

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CIC Full Form in Hindi – What is the full form of CIC?

The full form of CIC is ‘Central Information Commission’ which is pronounced :- ‘Central Information Commission’ and its meaning in Hindi is :- ‘Central Information Commission’. Its main purpose is to provide correct information to the needy people. CIC also provides information about the schemes given by the government to the people.

What is CIC or Central Information Commission?

The full form of CIC is Central Information Commission. This was approved by the President of India on 15 June 2005. Under the Right to Information Act 2005, it was formed on 12 October 2005 all over India. And all the powers of this commission have been delegated to the Central Public Authorities.

under one Chief Information Commissioner is appointed. Through which you will be informed about the types of work being done by the Government of India. Meaning that you are taking any kind of information from all the departments under the Government of India and if you are not satisfied with them, then through this you can get that information. These have been mentioned in Section 18, 19, 20 and 25 of the Right to Information Act.

The rules of this commission are very strict and final. Meaning that these rules cannot be changed again.

Setting up of Central Information Commission

According to the Right to Information Act, 2005, the Central Information Commission was constituted in its Chapter 3. Section 12 of this Act deals with the constitution of the Central Information Commission, Section 13 deals with the term of office and conditions of service of the Information Commissioners of this Commission, and Section 14 provides for the removal of Information Commissioners from office. have been given.

The Central Information Commission consists of a Chief Information Commissioner and provision is made for a maximum of 10 Central Information Commissioners who are appointed by the President. In their appointment, the recommendation of the committee headed by the Prime Minister is also necessary. In which the Leader of the Opposition of the Lok Sabha and the Cabinet Ministers are also included by the Prime Minister.

Structure of CIC

Right now in 2020, the Chief Information Commissioner of the Central Information Commission of the country is Bimal Julka. Who has been appointed as Chief Information Commissioner on 20 february 2020. Apart from this, 5 Information Commissioners have also been appointed in this commission. Even after taking over the post of Bimal Julka, the posts of additional 5 Information Commissioners remain vacant. This commission has a maximum of 11 members while Right now in 2020 6 positions are filled and 5 are left vacant. The Central Government has already advertised for the vacant places.

By whom is the Chief Information Commissioner appointed?

The Chief Information Commissioner and other Information Commissioners are appointed by the President of India. And as I told you that appointment is also done by the committee headed by the Prime Minister. In which the Leader of the Opposition and Cabinet Ministers of the Lok Sabha are also included. If an Information Commissioner misuses his office, the President can also remove him from office. But first its process goes on in the court. On being proved he is expelled from the post.

CIC Tenure and Service

Whoever holds the post of Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioner, his tenure is for 5 years. Apart from this, if the person attains the age of 65 years before the completion of the tenure, then a provision has also been made for him to resign. And after that that person is not re-appointed to that post.

List of Chief Information Commissioners of India

serial number name took office left office
1. Wajahat Habibullah 26 October 2005 19 September 2010
2. AN Tiwari 30 September 2010 18 December 2010
3. Satyananda Mishra 19 December 2010 4 September 2013
4. Deepak Sandhu 5 September 2013 18 December 2013
5. Sushma Singh 19 December 2013 21 May 2014
6. Rajeev Mathur 22 May 2014 22 August 2014
7. Vijay Sharma 10 June 2015 1 December 2015
8. Radha Krishna Mathur 4 January 2016 24 November 2018
9. Sudhir Bhargava 1 January 2019 11 January 2020
10. Bimal Julka 20 February 2020 yet


So friends, today through this post, I have told you about CIC in detail. I hope there will be no doubt in your mind now. If it is still there then you can tell us through comment.
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