Blog se paisa kaise kamaye Ye Baaten Jaroor Jaane

Friends Blogging Everyone has their own point of view and many people who have not started their blog but they think that it is very easy to earn money through blogging. There is no difficulty in this.

They think that everyone can do it and they can do it anytime but in reality its reality is something else.

Earning money through Friends Blogging is never an easy task and sometimes it takes many years.

Well, if you are one of those people who think that it is easy to earn money from blogging. so today you anytechinfo I am going to tell about some real facts related to it and the hidden truth behind earning money through blogging.

Making money from blogging for beginners or Making money blogging online

SEO Traffic Is Secret Of Making Money In Blogging

SEO is the secret of earning money from Traffic Blogging.

Many bloggers make a blog and after posting some content, they put ads on their blog and they think that they can earn a lot of money through this. Actually they are completely wrong. Because the real way to earn money is called SEO.

Friends SEO cannot be ignored, because SEO is the main part of any successful blog. And without SEO we cannot generate Passive Income. That’s why never forget Search Engine Visitors because Search Engine Visitors = Money.

So Friends, you should spend some of your time in learning SEO. Remember it is not alone that is important. Yes, but it will help in increasing your visitors all the time.

anytechinfo Blog se paisa kaise kamaye Ye Baaten Jaroor Jaane

Adsense is Not The Best Way to Make Money – Adsense Paisa Kamane Ka Achha Rasta Nhi Hai.

I have seen that many bloggers leave blogging very quickly, that too just because Adsense is not approved in their blog.

The reason for this is that Google Adsense is becoming stricter day by day, and it only approves very few accounts nowadays. By the way, if you have resorted to any trick to get your Adsense Account approved, then there will be chances of it getting disabled soon. But if your traffic is good and if you are fully following the policies of Google Adsense and still your Adsense is not getting approved.

Then you should focus on other types of income source methods. For this, you can start with Affiliate Marketing in your blog, sell products on your website or earn money through Direct Ad Sales.

Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging or Blog se paisa kaise kamaye Ye Baaten Jaroor Jaane

You Cannot Become Rich Overnight

Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging In Hindi
Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging In Hindi

You cannot become rich in one night.

Friends, everyone wants to become rich as soon as possible. But earning a lot of money through blogging is not so easy. And it can’t be done fast. This is such a long and difficult path where after one pit comes another pit and to avoid which you always have to be focused. And always you also have to be ready to face the troubles that come on your way and when you will cross all these troubles and reach a place where you will have a lot of visitors. Then you get aProfessional Bloggerwill be called

Success In Never Guaranteed: There is no guarantee of success.

Just like some offline business. There is no guarantee that your blog will be successful in a few days. And neither do you. Rather it is like gambling because you put all your hard work and everything on your blog so that your blog becomes useful and at the same time there is no guarantee that you will ever earn money from it or not.

Yes, you may spend thousands of dollars to start your blog. Or you hire an expert who will work for you, but it will not change the truth. Nor will it guarantee your success.

You Have To Keep Learning at All Times:

It cannot be that you have learned everything about blogging. This is because there is a need to learn millions of things in blogging, which you cannot learn without practical and here every day you will get to learn something new.

This means that your working and learning is never going to end and there is no such stage where you have learned everything and can sit comfortably now.

In truth, the process of learning in blogging is never going to end. And that’s the beauty of this business. Here new bloggers learn new things and experts and new things.

So Friends, here we have told you some facts that what is the real truth behind earning money through blogging and how much hard work is required in it. Hope now you will be able to know the truth of a blogger.

So what did you do? Do you still believe in the old ways? Or have I brought a little change in your mind? Anyway I am very excited to know what do you think about these points.

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