Best Keyword Research Tools In Hindi For Blogger [2022]

Best Keyword Research Tools in Hindi
Best Keyword Research Tools in Hindi

Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Blogger in Hindi, Best Free Keyword Research Tools 2022 | Are you a blogger? And do you want to learn blogging so that your blog can be ranked in the search engine, in such a situation, I hope that this post of ours is going to prove to be very useful for all of you because through this post we will Best Free Keyword Research Tools are about to talk about.

Once inside blogging, you need to learn well that whatever content you are publishing on your blog may not rank unless you do keyword research on that content properly, In today’s time, the competition has increased a lot and without targeting keywords, you cannot get any content to live, no matter how good content you write,

If you want the content to be ranked and traffic to your blog, it is necessary to do Keyword research. But many new bloggers do not know how to do keyword research and which tools should be used. In such a situation, this post of ours will prove to be very useful for them, because we are here. Best Free Keyword Research Tools 2022 We are going to provide complete information of

Best Keyword Research Tools for Blogger in Hindi

It is very important to do keyword research, this is the most basic step of SEO that you need to take if you want to get your content ranked inside the search engine. Apart from just keyword research, there are many other things to keep in mind if you want to get SEO done on your blog properly, but keyword research is very important and every blogger needs to learn this.

Google Keyword Planner – Discover The Right Keywords

If you do not want to spend money on doing keyword research in the beginning and if you want simple and easy to use tool like this, then Google Keyword Planner can be a good option. This is a completely free feature provided by Google, using which you can find out how much traffic you can get on which keyword, apart from how much competition is there on that keyword.

Like all other Google products, you can use this product absolutely free of cost, you must have an email id through which you can create an account for GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER,

Long Tail Keyword Tool Get Keywords (EASY)

Our second list has LONG TAIL KEYWORD FINDER, it will be very helpful for you to remove LONG TAIL KEYWORD, the best thing is that you do not need to subscribe or create an account to use it |

On whichever topic you want to write, you have to paste the keyword related to that topic on its website and complete information about the keyword related to it will be given on this website, there will be many more features inside this tool. |

KWFinder: Keyword Research & Analysis Tool by Mangools

It is very easy to use this tool because its interface has been kept very simple so that any new blog can use it very easily, in this you can get all the information related to any type of keywords. Apart from this, you will not face any problem in analyzing all the keywords because separately related features have been given in it, only you will be able to get information about keywords in a better way.

Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

If you need more features to do keyword research, then you will need to buy AHREFS, here let us tell that if you go to subscribe to it then you will have to spend some money.

Because you can not use AHREFS absolutely for free, but if you buy its subscription, after that I will see a lot of benefits of it because you can do key word search in a very good way.


This is also a very good tool, for this you will have to spend some money and have to subscribe to it, but in this you get very good features, due to which there will be no problem in doing keyword research.

All the big bloggers recommend using AHREFS and SEMRUSH because in this you get all the information you need and it is also very easy to use them.


through this post Best Free Keyword Research Tools 2022 We have made you all aware about this, so if you are a blogger, then I sincerely hope that this post of ours would have proved to be very useful for you, in such a situation, if there is any question related to this post, let us know through the comment below. can tell